‘This is something that she deeply regrets': Jane Pountney ADMITS affair with Katie Price’s husband Kieran Hayler.

  • Price accused her husband of having affair with friend Jane Pountney
  • She used Twitter to call Jane, 49, ‘homewrecker’ over affair with Kieran, 27
  • Price, 35, is six months pregnant with their second child together
  • The couple only married in the Bahamas in January 2013 
  • Derrick Pountney plays down claims of his wife’s affair with Kieran Hayler
  • Businessman, 51, says ‘a lot of this drama has been a storm in a teacup’
  • He denies ‘full blown’ affair, saying ‘it was more like a drunken kiss’
  • Jane admits having the affair in joint statement with her husband


Jane Pountney has admitted having an affair with best friend Katie Price’s husband, Kieran Hayler.

The 49-year-old spoke of her ‘deep regret’ about the relationship but stressed she did not want to reveal more details.

Mother-of-two Mrs Pountney said in a joint statement with her husband Derek: ‘It is true that Jane and Kieran Hayler had an affair.

Jane Pountney (left) has admitted to an affair with her best friend Katie Price’s (centre) husband, Kieran Hayler (second right), – Jane’s husband Derrick is pictured right


Wedding guest: Jane snapped away at the couple on their big day on a camera

‘This is something that Jane deeply regrets and we will not provide any more details about it.

‘It is true that Kate found out about this affair yesterda

The statement adds Mrs Pountney does not have a Twitter account and does not intend to set one up.

Betrayal: Jane looked on as Kieran and Katie shared a kiss

Pregnant Miss Price learned her husband of just a year, Kieran Hayler, was ‘cheating on her with her best friend of 20 years’ – and immediately took to Twitter to tell her 1.85million followers the unhappy news. She is pictured leaving the house of her best friend escorted by her husband

Miss Price kisses Mrs Pountney’s businessman husband Derrick after an apparent showdown at his home

Miss Price looked stoney-faced as she was accompanied to her car by Mr Poutney

It was also reported on Friday that Miss Price feared her husband was having ‘a second affair’ – this time with the cousin of Prince Harry’s ex girlfriend Cressida Bonas, April Bonas, 24, The Sun alleged.

It’s been over 48 hours since Kieran and Jane were outed by his own wife on Twitter for having a sexual affair, when she revealed the news to her 1.9million followers on Wednesday.

But Kieran, who has a young son with Katie – as well as another baby on the way with the model – was spotted on Thursday morning for the first time since the showdown driving a Land Rover Defender with the window rolled down.

On Valentine’s Day Miss Price posted this photo on Twitter of her and Mr Hayler enjoying a meal with friends which included Mrs Pountney and her husband

‘So hot here on hols': Miss Price took to Twitter to post a picture of herself with Jane and her friend Michelle Heaton in July 2012

The 27-year-old was wearing a tight black T-shirt as he drove himself down a country lane in the huge 4×4 vehicle.

Pregnant Katie announced the end of her third marriage on Twitter as she angrily accused her husband of having an affair with her best friend.

The former glamour model, better known as Jordan, told her followers that part-time stripper Kieran had been having a ‘full blown sexual affair’ with Jane.

But the husband of Mrs Pountney has denied his wife had a seven month affair with the star’s spouse after leaving a ‘tearful’ crisis meeting on Wednesday afternoon with the feuding friends and Mr Hayler.

Spotted: Kieran Hayler was spotted driving his car on Thursday morning, just 24 horus after he was outed by his wife Katie Price on Twitter for having had a ‘sexual affair with Mrs Pountney

The calm after the storm: The part-time stripper was wearing a tight black t-shirt as he drove himself down a country lane in the huge 4×4 vehicle

Miss Price returns to her home in Sussex following the meeting yesterday

Miss Price photographed leaving crisis talks with Mr Hayler and her friend Mrs Pountney earlier this week

Businessman Derrick Pountney, 51, who has a daughter and son with Jane, said: ‘We are good friends of Katie and Kieran’s and have been good friends of Katie for a good 20 years.

‘A lot of this drama has been a storm in a teacup and there’s a lot of misunderstandings to sort out.

‘There has not been a “full blown” affair going on, it was more like a drunken kiss.’

Mr Pountney added: ‘Jane and Katie have had a good old chat here this afternoon.

‘Will she and Kieran break up, or could they get back together? I don’t really know.

‘As for Jane and I working things out… again, I don’t know.

‘This “affair” has not really happened like it has been portrayed. I’ve known about it for about four weeks myself. All four of us are good friends, but things between Kieran and Jane just went a bit far.

Getting on with it: Derrick was pictured leaving his house once again on Thursday

Upsetting time: He looked a little forlorn when he later stepped out of his car

‘Now Katie has gone and put the whole thing for everyone to read about on Twitter, which she didn’t really need to do, and a drunk kiss has turned into a full on affair.

‘That’s not the case. I knew about what had happened before today, it’s not new to me.

‘There were tears shed here today, all sorts went on. But Katie and Jane talked, they have been friends a long time and they are OK now.

Miss Price arrives at the home of her married best friend who she outed as having an affair with her husband earlier this week

Miss Price and Mr Hayler arrived at the home Mrs Pountney shares with her husband in Sussex for a showdown. Mr Hayler walked separately to his wife with his head down and his hands in his pockets – he was let in to the large home by Mrs Pountney’s husband Derrick

‘I was at Katie’s house earlier today and brought Kieran round here. I see myself as the peacemaker of the group.

‘Everyone is just about on speaking terms now. I hope they can work it out.’

A source close to Miss Price told The Sun on Thursday that the glamour model had suspected ‘for weeks’ that something was ‘going on’.

The male stripper also reportedly criticised his wife for ‘not making an effort’ and complained that she was ‘rude and coarse to him’, the friend claimed.

Price said she had ‘caught them’ and branded Mrs Pountney a ‘wh*re’, ‘sl*t’ and ‘home-wrecker’, while describing Hayler as a ‘disgusting human being’.


Kieran Hayler leaves Jane Poutney’s house after Katie meeting

Mrs Pountney, who has known the former model for over 20 years, was the bridesmaid at Miss Price’s wedding to Mr Hayler in January 2013

Mrs Pountney husband was also present at the ceremony in January 2013

The three times married star covered her face with sunglasses as she walked up the garden path wearing blue hot pants, a pink sweater and boots

Mr Hayler leaves the Sussex house alone following the meeting at the home in West Sussex

Mr Hayler is seen in a passenger seat after leaving the house yesterday afternoon

Talks took place inside the house – Miss Price and her husband did not leave together


Shocking: Josie Cunningham, 23, has sensationally claimed that she will abort her pregnancy to be in with a chance of appearing on Big Brother

Fame hungry wannabe model Josie Cunningham couldn’t resist wading in to Katie Price’s latest relationship drama, by baiting the glamour model on Twitter.

Miss Cunningham hit headlines after she had a breast enlargement paid for by the NHS, fell pregnant after becoming an escort and then told journalists she would abort her unborn child to earn a place on Big Brother.

She tweeted earlier today: ‘Wow! Jane Pountney you lucky girl!! Ever fancy a third in the bed you know where to find me! Kieran is HOT! #KatiePrice #Divorce.’

She then added: ‘**Smug Face** Looking at @misskatieprice twitter. Carry on clutching to your fame like a tramp does a bag of chips love! Xxxxx.’

She later deleted the more offensive tweets, seemingly after the intervention of her ‘manager’.

Miss Cunningham was widely condemned for her remarks earlier this year when she announced: ‘An abortion will further my career,’ Josie, who was 19-weeks pregnant, claimed. ‘This time next year I won’t have a baby.

‘Instead I’ll be famous, driving around in a bright pink Range Rover [the same as Katie Price]. Nothing will get in my way.’

Miss Price – who said she would divorce her third husband Kieran Hayler after she discovered he was having a ‘seven month affair’ with her best friend Jane Pountney – has previously branded Miss Cunningham ‘absolutely disgusting’.

On her 22nd birthday last June, Cunningham’s GP referred her to a consultant at Leeds General Infirmary.

She said she had no idea that the £4,800 operation she underwent would cause outrage, but jumped at the chance to take part in a topless shoot for a red-top newspaper, describing it as a ‘real honour’.

She has since employed an agent who works with a handful of reality TV stars, Rob Cooper, to advise her on how to make money from appearing in downmarket celebrity and lads’ magazines.

Cunningham then went further, posing half-naked, her breast covered in sashes printed with the NHS logo, taunting her critics.

Pouring more fuel on the fire, she then claimed she wanted her implants removed: ‘I was rushed into the decision to have them taken up to a 36DD and I don’t feel very confident about them now. I want people to take me  seriously and stop branding me “the girl with the big NHS boobs”.’

In January of this year it was revealed that she had been working as an escort, claiming that she needed to date clients in order to save up for a breast reduction.

She later deleted the more offensive tweets, seemingly after the intervention of her ‘manager’, but still tweeted her glee at the couple’s split

Miss Price – who said she would divorce her third husband Kieran Hayler after she discovered he was having a ‘seven month affair’ with her best friend Jane Pountney – has previously branded Miss Cunningham ‘absolutely disgusting’

When she first discovered she was pregnant three months ago took part in yet more interviews and photoshoots – despite admitting that one of her clients could be the father of the baby.

In March she took to Twitter to say: ‘Happy Mothers’ Day to all you mums out there! There’s no better feeling than being a parent.’

In April, she shockingly announced that she will abort her latest pregnancy in the hope of securing a place on the next series of the reality TV show Big Brother.

‘I’m finally on the verge of becoming famous and I’m not going to ruin it now,’ said Cunningham, whose 18-week pregnancy is already clearly visible.

‘Channel 5 were keen to shortlist me, then they found out I was pregnant,’ she said. ‘They went  cold on me. That was when I started considering  an abortion.

Mrs Pountney, 49, has been one of Miss Price’s closest friends for almost two decades and was a bridesmaid when the 35-year-old married Hayler, 27, little more than a year ago. She was pictured with the couple and her own husband Derrick, 52, after the lavish ceremony in the Bahamas.

But it seems that friendship is over, with Miss Price writing on Twitter: ‘Sorry to say me and Kieran are divorcing. Him and my best friend Jane Pountney been having a full blown sexual affair for seven months.’

Miss Price, who is six months pregnant, has an eight-month-old son, Jett, with Hayler. The couple got engaged within weeks of meeting and married in January last year.

In an interview shortly after they wed, Miss Price declared that the former builder would receive ‘f*** all’ of her estimated £45million fortune if they split because ‘it’s what will keep us together’.

Miss Price, who has four children by three fathers, arrived with Hayler for a showdown at the Pountneys’ five-bedroom detached home in an affluent West Sussex village. They were quickly let in shortly before the curtains were drawn at 3pm.

Hayler left the house after just 30 minutes with no comment. When Miss Price emerged three hours later, she hid her eyes behind sunglasses and was escorted to her car by Mr Pountney.

The split comes just days after she spoke of her love for Hayler, describing him as a ‘good man’ and gushing: ‘I’ve never been this happy with anyone before. With me and Kieran it’s all about the kids and being together and just having a family.

‘I’m much more chilled – I haven’t even had mad pregnancy hormones so I think that must be down to the fact he makes me so happy.’

Mrs Pountney, who has a ten-year-old son and is a director of her husband’s tyre recycling business, was also a bridesmaid for Miss Price when she married Alex Reid in Las Vegas in 2010.

Neighbours said yesterday that Mr Pountney told them he acted as both best man and father-of-the-bride at Miss Price’s wedding to Hayler. Mrs Pountney’s sister-in-law Jackie said: ‘I’m very upset about it. I have no idea what has gone on.’

Mr Hayler’s grandfather David said: ‘It’s come as a shock.’

Following her Twitter onslaught, Miss Price later released a more eloquent statement on her website, which read:

‘I appreciate most people will have seen my tweets on the subject of my marriage to Kieran.

‘I make no apologies for them though it will be appreciated that, sending them immediately after Kieran confirmed to me what he had been doing for the last 7 months, those tweets were a sign of my heart breaking. That he was doing it with a close friend of nearly 20 years is hard to understand.

‘This statement however is from my head, not my heart. I am appalled that someone I loved, trusted and believed in has behaved in this way.

‘If he had so little respect for our relationship I would have hoped he would have thought about our child or the one that we have on the way. That he did not means he will no longer be part of my life. I will do all I can to ensure he maintains a relationship with his children should he want that.

‘I am so grateful for the love of my children and family at this time.’

This statement was posted on Miss Price’s website. She wrote: ‘Kieran confirmed to me what he had been doing for the last 7 months’

Miss Price, singer Michelle Heaton and Mrs Pountney pose in an old photo. Mrs Pountney gave evidence in court in September 2010 when Miss Price was found guilty of being out of control of her huge pink horsebox

Last year: Katie (front second left) posted a picture of herself and Kieran (back centre) partying at Adonis, a strip club where he works, with Jane (front left) and others in February 2013

Revelation: Katie’s first tweet saw her claim to have found out that Kieran and her pal had been having an affair for seven months

Social networking: Katie took to Twitter less than an hour later to vent her feelings about Kieran, describing him as a ‘disgusting human being’

Miss Price also posted this message on Twitter branding her ‘wh*re’ and a ‘sl*t’

Expecting: Katie recently confirmed she is six months pregnant with her fifth child

Tough: Katie has said she wants to have more children with Kieran when she turns 40

A member of staff at tyre company Pountney Tyres in Hove told MailOnline that Mrs Pountney works as managing director at the company and her husband Derrick, 52, is the owner.

The worker, who did not want to be named, also said the couple are believed have been together for 16 years.

A video of Mrs Pountney at the January 2012 wedding sees her snapping pictures of the couple as they walk down the aisle in the Bahamas.

Claims: The 35-year-old star, who is six months pregnant with their second child together, took to Twitter to reveal the news

A few months ago: Katie and Kieran were pictured on the red carpet with Jane and her husband Derrick at The Lego Movie screening in February

Best friend Jane by Katie’s side as she marries Kieran

Mrs Pountney gave evidence in court in September 2010 when Miss Price was found guilty of being out of control of her huge pink horsebox.

Speaking to The New Review, available with the Independent on Sunday, Miss Price said: ‘It’s what will keep us together.

‘It’s a shame, in a way, because he is lovely, and I want to spoil him, but I’ve said to him that I’ve been taken advantage of so bad in the past that unfortunately he’s going to get f**k all from me.’

Miss Price – who also has children Harvey, 11, Junior, eight, and Princess, six, from previous relationships – gushed earlier this week about how she is happier than ever with her third husband.

Looking on: Jane (bottom left) can be seen looking on at Kieran and Katie’s wedding in January 2013

Happier times: The couple – who have eight-month-old son Jett together – married in January 2013 after just a few months of dating


Wedding day: Miss Price – who also has children Harvey, 11, Junior, eight, and Princess, six, from previous relationships – gushed earlier this week about how she is happier than ever with her husband


Speech: Jane (second left) was also a bridesmaid at Katie’s wedding to Alex Reid in February 2010


Just married: Jane (right) chatting to Katie and Alex on their wedding day

Archive: Katie and Kieran in February before shock split news

Her second ex-husband Alex Reid has vowed to help her out if she needs it following the news and claims she has ‘always struggled with trust issues’.

He exclusively told MailOnline: ‘I am really sad for Katie, this is a terrible thing to happen and I am here for her if she needs me. I want to let bygones be bygones despite what has happened.

‘The sad thing is, she has always struggled with trust issues, this is something that came up between us when we were together – and now she has been cheated on.’

Close: Hayler is pictured dropping off Ms Price and Mrs Pountney at Gatwick as they prepared for a girls’ holiday in September 2013

He drove the former friends to the airport in Ms Price’s bright pink Range Rover and was pictured carrying her matching cases from the vehicle


News of Mrs Pountney (pictured front on her mobile phone) affair with Ms Price’s husband first emerged on Wednesday


Family work: A member of staff at tyre company Pountney Tyres (pictured), who didn’t want to be named, told MailOnline Mrs Pountney, 49 works as managing director at the company and her husband Derrick, 52, is the owner


Surprise: The revelation comes shortly after Katie confirmed she is pregnant with the couple’s second child together, her fifth child

Last time out: Katie was seen out and about on a family outing with Kieran (right) and her son Harvey in Brighton

While Mr Hayler is yet to tweet since the revelations, his Twitter background picture is still of him and his wife on their wedding day.

His last posted picture of Miss Price was on January 5 when he uploaded a snap of her and her daughter Princess.

In a caption attached to the image, he wrote: ‘My make up free beautiful wife and gorgeous little princess @misskatieprice (sic)’.

On March 29, he took to Twitter to post a heartfelt message about how much he loves Miss Price.

He wrote: ‘A year ago today we were blessed in front of our family and friends!!!!! I love you with all my heart @MissKatiePrice forever!!!!! Xxxxxx (sic)’

Miss Price is also said to have pulled out of an appearance on Loose Women scheduled for Thursday.

Katie Price and her husband seen leaving the Cafe de Paris Club, London just four weeks ago


Nothing: In June last year, Katie said that Kieran will get ‘f**k all’ of her reported then-£45million fortune .

Helping hand: Katie’s ex-husband Alex Reid has vowed to help her out if she needs it following the news and claims she has ‘always struggled with trust issues’

Nixalina Watson, from lifestyle website Sex and London City, dated Mr Hayler a few years ago and admits she has ‘nothing but good memories’ of him.

She exclusively told MailOnline: ‘If the affair rumours are true, it is definitely out of character. I’d never expect Kieran to behave in that manner.

‘I have nothing but good memories with Kieran and positive words to say about him. He was certainly not that type of man when I knew him and that is all I can base my opinion on really, what he was like around me.’

MailOnline is seeking comment from Mr Hayler.


Leandro Penna (2011-2012)

Katie started dating Argentine model Leandro Penna after meeting him at an Academy Awards after-party in 2011.

Despite the language barrier – Katie didn’t know any Spanish and Leandro barely spoke English – and a six year age gap, the couple went on to get engaged, announcing the news in April 2012.

But in October 2012 Katie announced that she had ‘mutually’ decided to end her relationship with the toyboy.

Former romance: Katie and Leandro announced their engagement in April 2012, but in October 2012 Katie confirmed they had ended their relationship

Alex Reid (2009-2011)

Just eight weeks after Peter Andre ended their marriage, Price rebounded with cagefighter and sometime actor Alex Reid in summer 2009.

In January 2010, Reid entered the Celebrity Big Brother house and exited the reality show as the winner before dashing off to Las Vegas to wed Price in a surprise ceremony on February 2.

The couple’s different careers kept them apart and it wasn’t long before speculation their marriage was on the rocks and they later separated in January 2011.

The look of love…? Price and Reid share a kiss in Spain after just a month of dating


Peter Andre


The couple first met on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! in January 2004 when Price was in a relationship with someone else.

After getting together after leaving the show, she soon pregnant with their first child together, a son Junior, who was born in June 2005 and three months later the couple married in a £2million wedding ceremony in Hampshire.

Two years later, the couple expanded their family with daughter Princess Tiaamii.

During their marriage, the couple suffered two heartbreaking miscarriages – the most recent being a couple of months before their split.

In May 2009, the couple announced they were separating after three and a half years of marriage, which was followed by their divorce in September 2009.

A jungle romance: Price fell for Peter Andre in the Australian jungle in the 2004 series of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!


Live-in lover: Price dated Scott Sullivan for 15 months, before dumping him for Andre

Scott Sullivan


Scott Sullivan, the son of a millionaire, was living with Price when she decided to take part in the 2004 series of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!.

The couple had been dating for 15 months after meeting in a bar near her Sussex home.

But Sullivan, then 21, was dealt a crushing blow when he, along with millions of TV viewers, watched Price fall in love with Andre on the reality show.

Although Price had dismissed her relationship with Sullivan to Andre in the jungle, she was careful not to make a move on the pop star until she had officially dumped him.

Discussing Sullivan during a late night chat with Andre, she said: ‘I know he’s not the one. He’s a nice guy but no way. I’m not going to marry him, so why waste my time?’

So it was no surprise to see Andre and Price stepping out as a couple on returning to the UK.

But Sullivan managed to get his revenge on Price when he dated her arch-nemesis Jodie Marsh for four months in the same year.


Matt Peacock

(July-September 2002)

Just a few months after her first son Harvey was born, Price managed to find another boyfriend in male model Matt Peacock.

The then 24-year-old star met 18-year-old tanning salon assistant Peacock at a car show where she was modelling.

During their short romance, the couple holidayed together in Ayia Napa and did a joint interview for a glossy magazine, in which she described him as ‘my rock’ as she came to terms with Harvey’s health problems.

But the couple split after just two months together after a big argument, with friends of Peacock claiming at the time he struggled to deal with the media attention.

Brief romance: Price dated tanning salon assistant Matt Peacock in summer 2002


Naive: Gareth Gates was just 17 when he lost his virginity to a pregnant Katie

Gareth Gates

(February 2002)

Price was six months pregnant with Harvey when she embarked on a brief affair with Pop Idol runner-up Gareth Gates, who at 17 was eight years her junior.

The couple’s fling was outed when the expectant model and aspiring pop star were photographed leaving the same hotel room.

Price happily talked about taking his virginity to the press, but the embarrassed singer initially denied it, accusing her of lying.

It was only a year later, he finally admitted she was telling the truth, saying: ‘I was 17 years old and had just moved from Bradford to London when, to be honest, I was pursued by her.

‘I shouldn’t have denied it, but I did. I was naive. But I have learned a lot about people from this experience.’

In hindsight, Price told Piers Morgan in 2009 she regretted the fling: ‘It’s terrible – I was still young, I was pregnant, I didn’t have the dad about and I still wanted to be loved.’


Dwight Yorke (2001-2002)

Tobago-born footballer Dwight Yorke was a player for Manchester United when he first met Price in a Soho nightclub after a game at Charlton.

The pair embarked on a rocky on/off relationship, which was well documented in the tabloids, but came to an end when she fell pregnant with eldest son Harvey.

‘Unstable': There’s been no love lost between Price and ex-boyfriend Dwight Yorke

Six weeks after Harvey was born in May 2002, he was diagnosed with septo-optic dysplasia, meaning he was blind.

Price and Yorke briefly reconciled and took a trip to Tobago so the footballer’s family could meet baby Harvey, but the trip finally ended their rocky relationship and Price decided to raise Harvey as a single mother.

Price has often criticised Yorke for not spending enough time with Harvey and described Andre as more of a father to Harvey.


Infamous: Price and Dane Bowers’ sex tape was leaked on to the internet

Dane Bowers


Celebrity Big Brother star Dane Bowers was at the height of his fame with boy band Another Level when he met Price in a London nightclub in August 1998.

In her first autobiography Being Jordan, she recalled falling head over heels for the singer – who was two years her junior.

She wrote: ‘Within weeks of meeting him I was seriously thinking that at last I had found the man of my dreams, the man I wanted to marry.

‘I believed that I had found my soulmate, someone I could totally trust to love me for myself.’

Jealousy appeared to be a factor in their relationship with Price suspecting him of cheating on her, and Bowers asking her to give up topless modelling.

During their relationship, they were embarrassed when a sex tape featuring the two of them and another woman was stolen from their flat and leaked on to the internet.

Their relationship started to sour after Another Level split and Bowers started to forge a solo career by duetting with Victoria Beckham.

Although both has disputed each other’s version of events, Price fell pregnant with Bowers’ child around the end of their relationship and decided to have an abortion.

When the couple finally split, a distraught Price overdosed on painkillers.


First love: Price first got a taste of life as a celebrity couple with her first fiance, Warren ‘Ace’ Furman

Warren ‘Ace’ Furman


Price was just 18 when she met Furman, who was then a primetime TV star better known as Ace in Gladiators.

She moved into his Essex home and the couple soon got engaged, but split two years later.

In an interview two years ago, Furman claimed Price’s behaviour ‘changed’ when she underwent her first breast enhancement operation, taking her from a 32B to a 32D.

After they broke up and Price’s fame ascended, Furman sold stories to the press about their ‘kinky’ sex life, claiming there were ‘whip marks on the ceiling’ of her bedroom.

He said of their split: ‘I really loved her but I couldn’t cope with her weird obsessions.’

In response, she claimed he was ‘jealous and possessive’ in her first autobiography Being Jordan.

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